“Connected” Featured In PERREAULT Online Magazine

Big honor to start 2016 with For The Sea independent film “Connected” featured as the openiing page of the Jan.-Feb. 2016 issue of the prestigious online magazine Perreault, which has 380,000 subscribers in 68 countries. [...]

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ThanksGiving – You Are A Star

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends, regardless of what species you are, thank you for adding love and magic to my journey. For me Thanksgiving is everyday. I am very grateful to love, experience life and to [...]

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“Ziggy Of The Sea” Episode 6 – Hunter Or Hunted

This new YNET episode explores the beauty of the lion fish and the complexity of human perspective with the fish being hunted on one side of the globe while others work to protect and release [...]

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“Ziggy Of The Sea” Episode 5 – Grace Of The Stingray

The stingrays are magical animals that glides on the bottom of the sea. They are related to the shark family and use their electrical sensors to find crustaceans in the sand. The eyes of the [...]

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“Ziggy Of The Sea” Episode 4 – Nudies Of Eilat

This episode get up close and personal with some of nature's most beautifully designed creatures, which also happen to carry a deadly punch. They feed on poisonous creatures like sea sponges, and have developed a system [...]

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Image of Ziggy Opened A Photo Campaign By the Israeli Union for Environmental Defense

It's a pleasure and an honor that an image of Ziggy, under the sea, was chosen to open the photo campaign of the Israeli Union for Environmental Defense - Adam Teva V'Din   "For me [...]

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