Best In Show at the Fringe KC 2018 Arts Festival

My new performance titled "Sharks and Octopus and Dolphins, Oh My!" was among the most popular shows in the festival and won the prestige "Best In Show 2018" Award. All of my films are love songs to the ocean. During the show I'm sharing in person my short films, production adventures and discoveries from around [...]

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G R A C E (Respect! Knowledge! No Protection!)

I usually tell the story of the smaller animals in my underwater films, this time I went BIG. In the last 50 years alone, we demolished more than 90% of sharks population world-wide. We seem to still not understand that killing the sharks is killing our oceans. I had to go and meet these animals [...]

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For The Sea At TEDx KC

Plastic PSA and underwater projection on a giant Jellyfish at the recent TEDx event. For The Sea had the pleasure of collaborating with Stonelion Puppets Theater to bring awareness of the effects of plastic pollution through art. The event took place on August 19th 2016. I prepared a short PSA about trash in the ocean that was [...]

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School Assemblies In Pennsylvania

Downington Area School District, Pennsylvania, invited me to give a series of school assembly presentations. During one week in May, I had the privilege to share my adventures and knowledge with 2,600 kindergarten, elementary and middle school students. They eagerly learned about a large variety of animal behaviors, the ocean’s environmental issues and how each [...]

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Ziggy’s Hawai’i Footage On CBS

The wonderful marine life of Hawai'i were featured on the “Moment In Nature” segment at the end of the CBS Sunday Morning Show this past weekend (April 24th). The magical coral reefs of Hawai'i are filled with endemic species and being over harvested by aquarium collectors. Watch it here: Nature: Hawaii's Kona Coast

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Cuttlefish Cuddle

I always had a special place in my heart for Cephalopods. They mesmerize me with their behavior and intelligence so ancient, so different. Here's a collection of Red Sea encounters at night. Watch "Cuttlefish Cuddle" In HD

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“Connected” Featured In PERREAULT Online Magazine

Big honor to start 2016 with For The Sea independent film “Connected” featured as the openiing page of the Jan.-Feb. 2016 issue of the prestigious online magazine Perreault, which has 380,000 subscribers in 68 countries. I salute this magazine in general for it’s conservation values and excellent content but especially for dedicating a special edition [...]

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“Ziggy Of The Sea” Episode 6 – Hunter Or Hunted

This new YNET episode explores the beauty of the lion fish and the complexity of human perspective with the fish being hunted on one side of the globe while others work to protect and release them when trapped. The Lionfish is a sophisticated hunter that feeds on little fish by stretching his mouth and swallow [...]

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