Ziggy Livnat is a Kansas-based inspirational ocean speaker and educator, underwater filmmaker, and National Geographic Explorer. Ziggy holds a Master’s of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is devoted to the protection of marine environments around the world. Each year Ziggy brings his passion for the marine world to thousands of adults and children through interactive, entertaining presentations. He has been empowering audiences globally for decades and has worked extensively on projects in Hawaii, Israel, Jordan and the US Virgin Islands.

Thirty years ago Ziggy fought his deepest fear, the ocean, by taking a dive course in the Red Sea and realized the beauty and tranquility of the amazing big blue. Little did he know that he would spend the rest of his life creating award-winning films and educational media. He weaves science and art together to promote the health of our ocean’s habitats and our connection to it. He has become a dedicated voice for marine animals who are paying a dear price as we damage their ecosystems. Ziggy believes that by working together we can substantially change course to heal our oceans and protect the animals that call it home.

Ziggy collaborates with artists, scholars, and activists as well as governmental, scientific, and educational institutions to inspire underwater ecosystem awareness, foster sustainable and whole-community solutions to ocean pollution, and educate the public on the complexity and importance of the marine ecosystems while still enjoying the beauty of our world’s oceans. He is currently working in Israel in collaboration with National Geographic Society and the Israeli Society for Ecology and Environmental Studies on an innovative middle-school citizen-science, educational program that mixes science, art, and technology to help stem the flow of single-use plastic into the Mediterranean and Red Seas. He is currently working to expand this program so that it is available in multiple languages for students and teachers around the world.