After months of preparation and testing, it was a joy to hit the blue waters of Eilat in June to begin our very first puppet prototype filming in the Red Sea.  We learned a lot from this round of diving and testing for a new underwater communications system, as well as moving with the puppet underwater.  It was already so remarkable to see the marine animals interacting with our puppet friend, which will help us refine our ideas for future puppets and will help shape our campaign.

Puppeteering under water presents unique challenges to puppeteer and filmmaker alike.


Now with the knowledge gained from this early round of dives, we are back in the States building new puppets and refining our systems for our return to the Red Sea later in 2019.  We have much to do in the coming months, including bringing our message to end ocean plastic pollution to more schools and community groups wherever we can.  Follow the campaign here or on Facebook @PlasticFreeRedSea.  Change is coming!

Exploring movement underwater with our first puppet prototype.