Connected is a visual and musical celebration of our planet’s oceans. The film delivers a sense of wonder about the diversity of marine life, moving the viewer to appreciate the complexity of the underwater world. At the same time, viewers must pause to consider their personal role in shaping the health of our oceans, especially in how we consume and discard plastic. Join underwater filmmaker Ziggy Livnat, as he narrates this visual exploration of marine animals and human impact on the oceans and all its life. Original music was written and recorded by Amir Gwirtzman.

There are five or six licensed commercial fishermen in Eilat, Israel that are taking advantage of very loose fishing laws and the nature protection agency is left powerless. We happened to stumble upon a sour spot that the authorities would have rather ignored than deal with. Only a couple of days ago we discovered an article from 2004 discussing the death of a wild bottlenose dolphin that drowned in nets from the same source. Since then there have been reports on many sharks and turtles drowning in those nets as well as other marine life.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean away from civilization lies Papahānaumokuākea in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. These coral reefs are the last untouched and the most protected reefs in the world.

These waters are also home to the rare Hawaiian Monk Seal. This beautiful creature is on the verge of extinction with only 1,200 left.

In 2012 For The Sea Productions released Learning to Sea in the Virgin Islands, a series of 13 three-minute episodes that appeared weekly on CBS TV2 News. Each week’s episode featured a different marine animal in its natural environment as well as interesting facts and humor narrated by the talented Ted Davis. Each episode was accompanied by spectacular original music composed to picture by St. Croix’s own born and raised Padraic Coursey and A.J. Ventura. Footage for this series was gathered by Ziggy Livnat and his crew over the course of eighteen months and several hundred dives in the USVI.